Hidden under its little hill, Coco Beach is a natural welcoming setting. Feeling good, feeling far away, this small beach takes us to heaven.A "Riviera" cuisine with Mediterranean flavors, with many grills of all linds and local fishing, not to mention the "specials" of the day to satisfy regular customers. Anyway, just come, try, taste sunbath, relax... and come back ! Try it, you will love it !

Coco Beach Story

Once upon a time Sophie was putting on fire and creating the atmosphere that led l'Eden of the Mala Beach in Cap d'Ail to become a very trendy beach and Fred was sublimating the Kontiki Beach in the good old days ….. its on the beach of orient bay, in 1997, that Sophie while jogging, made an unexpected encounter, crossing path with Fred that later became the father of their twins Tom And Jules.

Together in 2005 they rebuilt Coco Beach their way, kept the authenticity of a Caribbean Beach, on a beach of white sand colorful natural backdrop, coconut trees, flowers, everything has been thought out in detail to create an elegant atmosphere, all with a panoramic view of Orient Beach ;

True to their legendary sense of hospitality, Fred and Sophie are doing their best to please you, advise you and make you want to come back.

Coco beach is a calm and relaxed beach, lulled by music Lounge, lots of space in between lounge chairs for your comfort.

"Could not load the menu because loyal customers coming back for each specialty, so our chef has carte blanche to offer dishes of diverse and varied day with Mediterranean flavors and Caribbean.

"The Must: Mahi Mahi ceviche, risotto with mushrooms or lobster, linguini vongole, Fresh Tuna Carpaccio, Grilled Fresh Fish, Colombo Cabri, Chicken Curry in his Coconut from the Garden, Tiramisu, Lemon Meringue Pie ...... simply contact the Team Coco Beach, fully attentive to all your needs.

Le Pélican 2004